Vision for Dublin. Experience for Europe

I am running for election to the European Parliament because I believe I can use the experience I have gained over the last thirty years for the benefit of the people of my city. If I have the honour of …

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Green Party

Starting in a new way

Thank you to everyone who voted Green last Friday. It was very disappointing that we weren’t able to hold any seats, and that we now find ourselves without a funding mechanism for the party. I am heartened by the determination …

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Campaign Launch 2011

Final Message as we End the Campaign

I am asking for your Number 1 Vote tomorrow. I have been privileged to represent Dublin South for the last two Dáil terms, and I hope I can continue to do so in the future. Here’s a message: Thanks for …

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internet connection concept, 3d generated image

“Three Strikes” Internet Download Law should not be Signed

New copyright law could damage our IT industry The reports in recent days  -  notably on Silicon Republic -  that the outgoing Government is to sign into law a provision granting judges the power to injunct Internet Service Providers in breach …

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