Eamon has been involved in some fascinating work over the last three years. Read about it here…

In the last three years my main job was rebuilding the Green Party in Ireland, but I was lucky to be able to fit in a number of other interesting and worthwhile tasks. We organised a Climate Gathering ( which …

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​Green Party marks International Day Against Homophobia

A reminder of the crucial role that the EU must play Saturday 17 May 2014, Dublin. Green Party Leader and Dublin MEP candidate, Eamon Ryan, said today: “The next European Parliament will play a crucial role in combating homophobia, and …

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​Eamon Ryan sets out a vision as to how we could build a better Dublin

Plan based on a new tenancy and financing model for public housing Friday 16 May 2014, Dublin. Eamon Ryan, Green Party leader and MEP candidate for Dublin, this morning set out an alternative to the failed housing strategy currently advocated …

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Eamon Ryan says we need to build more houses instead of fueling greater housing demand

Government plans to pump prime the construction industry repeats the mistakes made in the early part of the last decade Wednesday 14 May 2014, Dublin. Green Party Leader and MEP candidate for Dublin, Eamon Ryan, said today: “Trying to resolve …

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