We want to a Green voice to Dáil Éireann to steer our country in a more sustainable direction. We get there by promoting practical solutions that improve everyone’s quality of life.


Read the Green Party’s manifesto here.


Housing & Homelessness:

Young people and families are being priced out of our housing and rental market. We can tackle that problem by building new housing on public lands. At the same time we must protect tenants’ rights and building standards so that renting is an attractive and affordable option.

Health & Education:

We can build up our local communities by ensuring children can get access to local schools. We need to resource local GPs and community nurses to ease pressure on the emergency wards. We also need to repeal the 8th amendment
and look after every mother in a much better way.


Economics & Enterprise:

Climate change is real, there is work to be done and we are the ones to do it. We have everything to gain from leading the change. Dublin is home to a vibrant technology sector which can help to create jobs in a really efficient green economy. We need the right political will to make it happen.


A car based transport system is not going to work in our vibrant city. We want a different system so that Dubliners can safely rely on public transport, cycling and walking for their day-to-day business.


Arts & Culture:

Our future cannot be just about looking after big business. We must provide affordable work and living spaces for
creative communities in Dublin. We also need to promote local enterprise to create a street life that makes the city a joy to live in and visit..

Local Environment:

Looking after the planet starts with looking after our own place. We want to create greenways along the Liffey, Sandymont Strand, the Grand Canal and the Dodder to allow us to have a better connection with nature and with each other.

Better Politics:

To deliver these practical solutions we need politics to work in a radically different way. We need a
mayor and City Council with real powers and a Dáil that looks to the long term. We need to think ahead and act now to ensure a better future in this fast changing world.

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