graving docks

Graving Docks

The threat of demolition to the Graving docks in the Grand Canal Basin from Inland Waterways Ireland is imminent. Their eradication is seen as a way of raising revenues to pay for other operations.

These docks are a very special place and arguably the most important point in the inland waterways system. Selling the land would be a fundamental mistake, the location itself is extremely sensitive. I understand that there is a huge amount of development needed for the docklands, however we must maintain key open places to preserve a heritage which provides local environment everyone can use. 

I have addressed this issue with Minister Heather Humphreys, who has stated the future of the Graving docks remains in the hands of the planning authority, Dublin City Council and An Bord Pleanála. 

It is apparent from the Minister that the site will be sold, as it seems that Waterways Ireland wants to spend money on other parts of the network, demolishing a location of historical importance of the Georgian network in the centre of Dublin. 

Do we have a Government that stands up for the preservation of our heritage; heritage that would be of great economic benefit to the city?

The selling of a 220 year old dock screams that the answer is no.