Green Party Motion to ensure Transparency in future elections around advertising

Green Party Motion re Transparency Across Communication Platforms

“That Dáil Éireann notes:

— the increasing importance of digital communications platforms such as Facebook and
Google during national elections and referendum campaigns;
— the Cambridge Analytica scandal which highlighted how outside interests can use
online tracking and advertising tools to influence national elections;
— that advertising on such platforms is not regulated under existing election advertising
— the work of the Transparent Referendum Initiative in recording the source and number
of adverts carried on such platforms during the recent referendum campaign;
— how both Facebook and Google decided, with just three weeks to go to polling day, to
amend their own rules to restrict the carrying of advertising in relation to the
referendum for the remainder of the campaign;
— the need to understand whether the volume of advertising from overseas was a factor
in those decisions; and
— the opportunity that exists to set a precedent on the need for transparency surrounding
such advertising;

calls on the relevant social media companies to:
— work with the Transparent Referendum Initiative to provide details on the volume and
value of referendum advertising that was carried on their platforms during the recent
referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland; and
— publish such data in a prompt manner and in accordance with the provisions of the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) European Directive; and

calls on the Government to commit to finalising the necessary legislation to ensure there is
proper regulation of such online election advertising in the future, including mechanisms to
provide full transparency on the level and source of such advertising expenditure.” — Eamon
Ryan, Catherine Martin.

[3 July, 2018]

Full motion can be found on Dáil Order paper here