Autism and ASD services in schools

I weas recently contacted by the Campaign for ASD Special Classes in South Dublin Secondary Schools who raised concerns with me about the provision of ASD special classes.

The members of this campaign brought to my attention the fact that there are 45 national schools in Dublin 2, 4, 6, 6W and 8 and that of this 45, there are 7 ASD special classes in those schools with 6 children in each special class i.e. a total of 42 children. There are also a number of special schools, some of whose pupils might be able to access mainstream secondary education with the support of a special class, most obviously St. Declan’s in Ballsbridge, and St. Peter’s in Rathgar, with 42 and 60 children respectively, many of whom have autism. There are 26 second level schools in the same area – but zero ASD special classes.

I recently met with members of the campaign and raised some of their concerns with the Minister which you can see below.