China's decision on plastic

China has announced a major policy shift and will no longer be importing as much contaminated plastic or cardboard.  60% of the world's plastic was sent to China in 2016 for recycling and processing and so this decision will have rammifications across the globe.  Countries will need to become more efficent domestically or find other destinations to send their contaminated waste.

This is a real opportunity for us to implement fundemental change and reduce the amount of waste we produce as a matter of urgency.  

In the same vein, 8 million tonnes of plastic has been dumped in the world's oceans every year since 2010.  That is equivalent to one lorry load per minute.  This is causing irreversible damage to the world's marine ecosystem.

We have introduced a waste reduction bill in the Dáil which is currently in commitee stadge and hope that it will be passed by the house in due course. 

I have raised issue a number of times in the Dáil over the last two years, to see an article and video relating to this click here.