President Trump issued an executive order on 27th January, keeping refugees from entering the US for 120 days as well as barring immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries for three months. Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia are all affected. 

The pre-clearance system operated in Dublin and Shannon airports could be centre stage in the ongoing arguments concerning Trump's orders given potential conflict with Ireland's international legal obligations, our commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights and Article 18 TFEU as well as our own Constitutional commitments.  

We will not stand idly by while the founding principles of democracy, human rights and law are being trampled on before our eyes. We will resist all of President Trump's executive orders when and where we can.

We are calling on Enda Kenny to put off his visit to the Whitehouse, we cannot allow our Government to present the symbolic bowl of Shamrocks to a man who is persecuting people due to their nationality, a man who gags climate scientists and bullies the Mexican Government.

Join me tomorrow at the US Embassy tomorrow, Friday 2nd of February at 5pm.

Check out: https://lovindublin.com/dublin/there-will-be-an-anti-trump-ban-outside-the-us-embassy-in-dublin-on-thursday