Brexit without Borders

The Brexit vote is a ‘political divorce’ and we must prevent it from becoming a bitter, vengeful separation that will inevitably lead to a bad deal for everyone. I spoke at the All-Island Forum on Brexit and made it clear the EU and the UK must not engage in an economic race to the bottom, post Brexit.

The real threat is that the Brexit process instigates such an economic rat-race. Taking an adversarial approach to the negotiation process will not serve Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, or the EU well in the long run. What we need to do now is to work together on an-island basis to ensure that this does not happen.

In October we organised a meeting of Green Party leaders from across Europe in Dundalk to consider how we could encourage a ‘Brexit without Borders’. Whatever happens in the upcoming negotiations we want to maintain the free movement of young people by protecting and extending the existing Erasmus programme.