Waste Reduction Bill passes second stage




'In a rare showing of political consensus in the Oireachtas, representatives from four parties as well as Independents have come together to support a new waste reduction Bill.'

The Green Party and Labour are co-sponsoring a Bill that among other things it proposes that non-biodegradable coffee cups be banned from 2020, and has also proposed a deposit and refund scheme for closed beverage containers. 

The Irish Times reports here

Waste Reduction Bill

Today in the Dáil I confronted the Taoiseach with the large amount of non-recyclable packaging and plastics consumers are faced with every day.

The sheer volume of this waste must be tackled ahead of the legislation on waste charges so the cost of waste disposal for Irish citizens can be reduced as much as possible. We are drowning in plastic.

I have written to all parties and groupings in the Dáil seeking co-sponsors of our Waste Reduction Bill 2017, in an attempt to have the Bill enacted before proposed changes to household waste charging systems take place later this year.

Dublin Greenway Campaign - Please Support!

Dublin Greenway Campaign

The Department of Transport's consultation on the future development of Greenways in Ireland closes on the 14th of July next.

There are six safe cycling and walking routes for Dublin in the map below which we think should be given real priority in any new strategy. They would be used every day for Dubliners getting to work, school and for a myriad of local trips as well as being an amazing recreational resource for locals and visitors alike.

All together they would cost some €150 million to be built and would transform our city for the better. They are all at an advanced design stage but do not have any budget to make them happen.

  • We want that money to be committed to in next years budget and in the Government's new Capital spending plan. Please show your support for the idea by making your own submission to greenways@dttas.ie. You can find more information on how to make your voice heard here





River Dodder Walk May 21st

Join us for a social walk along the River Dodder from Bushy Park to Clonskeagh House pub on Sunday the 21st of May from 15.00-17.00. Come along for a fun day out and be sure to bring a friend, a family member and maybe if the bus driver will allow it, your four legged friends.

As it’s a Sunday, we thought it would be a great idea to get out and have a social walk along one of Dublin’s nicest green walks. We will meet at the junction of Tempelogue Road and Rathdown Avenue, just outside the park (opposite the gates of Terenure College) at 15.00 and head along the river through many of the city’s nicest riverside parks, finishing up in the Clonskeagh House at about 17.00. The walk is approx. 5km.

There is an abundance of biodiversity in the Dodder, including otters, kingfishers, trout, mayflies and more. With any luck we will spot some animals on our way down the river.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day!

Sign the petition to help tackle our worsening litter crises!

We believe we badly need a deposit refund system in Ireland to help tackle our worsening litter crisis. It would work like this. A small charge (eg. 10c) would be added to the price of drinks in cans, & glass & plastic bottles. When the container is returned to the shop the 10c is returned to the consumer. The returned containers are then reused or recycled. A bit like the plastic bag levy, this system has proven to be very effective, recovering up to 95% of containers. Imagine the difference that would make to our coasts, countryside, towns & cities.

Join the hundreds of others who have signed the petition here

The Citizens' Assembly

I welcome the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly on abortion but it is important is that the Government puts them into action, and presents a draft timeline for a referendum on the 8th Amendment.

Politicians can no longer bury their heads in the sand on the issue of the 8th Amendment. They must now take responsibility, and legislate for a referendum to repeal the 8th, and allow access to terminations in a wide range of circumstances, as per the Assembly’s recommendations.

For far too long, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have abdicated their responsibilities as legislators on difficult issues, like abortion. The Government must now present a draft timeline for legislation on repealing the 8th Amendment. They must not let the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly go unheeded, like they did with many of the Constitutional Convention’s recommendations.

You can see my questions to the Tánaiste in March on the issue of the timeline of a referendum on the repeal of the 8th.